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Bring down Nitrates

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Bring down Nitrates Empty Bring down Nitrates

Post by Colossus on Mon Mar 16, 2009 9:56 pm

Hey guys, is there any kind of product that is used to bring down Nitrates? Mine are always at 20 even after water change...Something I can put in my Fluval or seomthing...By the way I have only caron and remove Phosphate stuff in my filter.


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Bring down Nitrates Empty Re: Bring down Nitrates

Post by Cookieman888 on Mon Mar 16, 2009 10:28 pm

I would strongly recommend not adding any chemical to your tank that claims to reduce nitrates. They are snake oil remedies and a waste of your hard earned money.
Keep in mind to reduce your nitrates from 20 to 10 would require changing 1/2 of your water all at once (about 35 gallons once you figure in the liverock water displacement). From your pictures it appears that you have a health fish population and these guys do polute! Add to this the occassional overfeeding that we all tend to be guilty of and...wham, it becomes difficult to keep up to your growing nitrates.
What are you running in your fluval (carbon, foam, GFO)? How often do you clean it? Canister filters can become nitrate factories if not maintained regularly (once or twice/week). If you are running foam take it out, better yet stop using the fluval all together. Let the live rock (1 to 2 lbs/gallon of water) in your tank look after the nitrates together with regular water changes. That fluval is just sucking in left over food and fish dirt,holding it there and creating a bacteria nightmare. If in doubt about the advice I give on the canister filter please check out or for confirmation. On these two websites you will find some of the sharpest people in the hobby (not that we don't have some pretty decent people here too but second and third opinions are always good).
At the end of the a nitrate reading of 20 the Is it the end of the world...not by a long shot unless you're keeping sps,anenomes, clams, etc. The next time you buy fish from your local store try checking their water. Bet you don't get a reading less than 40.
Its great that you are aware of your issue. Its better that your attempting to improve it. Just please do not be tempted by the quick fix solution...its not worth it.


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