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For those who have a Biocube 8

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For those who have a Biocube 8

Post by Dr.Bio on Fri May 29, 2009 3:45 pm

Hello All

I was wondering who else out there has a Biocube 8 gallon reef going. I have had mine running for almost a year and a half and am pleased to say it is doing very well. I have noticed a number of enthusiasts voicing their dissatisfaction with these small tanks, mainly due to algae overgrowth and overall poor results with livestock health. I too went through the learning phase but I can assure anyone out there with a Biocube 8 that you can have a healthy, vibrant reef ecosystem.

Currently I keep a Yellow Watchmen Goby, Pom-pom anemone crab, Feather duster worm, Alveopora, Green Metalic and Purple Mushrooms, Zooanthids, GSP, Hammer Coral, Orange Recorida and an Orange Fungia. The tank is maintained by 6 BL hermits and 3 generic turbo snails. I hope to have some pictures up soon.

It seems the key to these tanks is the use of Phosphate absorbing media. I place a small bag of this media in the drip tray under the spill over from the filter cartridge. This combined with good quality live rock has resulted in a very stable system.

Does anyone else have any experience with these?


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Location : Ottawa
Tank Size- Gallons : 25 (tall) gallon Reef
- 2 Percs, 1 Micheal's Pistol Shrimp, 1 Peppermint Shrimp, BL and RL hermits, 1 Ring Cowrie

8 Gallon Biocube
- 1 yellow watchmen goby, BL hermits, 1 pom-pom anemone crab, 1 feather duster, mushrooms, recordia, hammer coral, alveopora, GSP
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Re: For those who have a Biocube 8

Post by LiveRock on Wed Jul 01, 2009 3:16 pm

well i actualy just just started an 8g biocube. devoting it to seahorses Smile we'll see how it turns out Smile

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Location : Edmonton Alberta
Tank Size- Gallons : 65us gallon tank, yellow tang, regal blue tang, 2 darwin clowns, dwarf lionfish, foxface rabbitfish, neon goby, baby bamboo shark, arrow, decerator, horseshoe, hermit crabs (total of 15 crabs), hammer, tongue and glove polyp corals. 125g coralife skimmer, 4 65watt t5 bulbs (4ft) eheim canister filter
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