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Post by Shannon *Admin* on Thu Dec 08, 2011 11:23 pm

.When you are choosing salt water aquarium lights, you have to make a compromise between what you want and what your fish need. Fish live in different depths of the sea and in different depths, the light varies. Also tropical salt water fish will need more light than fish from the colder regions, because in the warm waters there is more light, except of course the fish and creatures which live in rocks and caves. Don't forget that you should keep fish only from one region, so you can provide the best conditions for all of the fish. You should bear in mind that more light you have in the tank, the greater the amount of algae. If you want to have only a small amount of light, you should choose appropriately, e.g. one fluorescent tube. For more light you should have more of them, because the strength of one fluorescent tube is limited. And how can you know how much light you should have in the aquarium? You definitely need hiding places. If the fish are constantly in the caves, you have too much light in the tank. You should start with proportion one watt to one litre of the water. Then you watch how your fish react and how you like the lighting in the tank. It the fish seem OK, but you would like more light, increase the lighting a bit.

The ordinary light bulb is not a good choice for any salt water tank. It is not effective because most of the energy transforms into heat and the heat may overheat the tank and cause a temperature imbalance.. I don't even have to mention that you will have to use an aquarium chiller and it will expend even more energy during the warm periods of the year. That is why low temperature fluorescent tubes are the best choice, even if ordinary light bulbs are cheaper. Another advantage of fluorescent tubes is, that they last longer and are safer. An ordinary bulb may explode and the glass pieces can hurt the fish. You can choose from many variations of the tubes. You may choose tube with long or short wavelengths. Long waved are red-orange and short waved are blue, violet and indigo. You should not use normal tubes which you have in you room as a light. You should buy these products from aquatic shops only, or specialised pet shops, because only those tubes can provide a light that is suitable for plants and fish. Ordinary light tubes which you use in the room give only white light and it does not simulate the sunshine as good as those special tubes. It is a fact that the tubes are not as bright as ordinary bulbs, but most aquarium hoods have place for more tubes. Especially those which you buy with the aquarium. Usually the bigger the tank is, the more place for tubes. You can also use aquarium spotlights if you wish. They can be special spotlights which hang above the tank. These are very effective because the aquarium light does not come in contact with the salt water. This is good because the water will rust the light if it is not waterproof. If you use hood it also has to be waterproof, or you can use a glass under the light. The spotlights can have a very intensive light so they are suitable for deep marine tanks, however you should be careful when you are using such strong light. Very strong salt water aquarium lighting may harm some fish, especially those which like shadows . Strong lighting can warm up the water and can cause instability of the temperature. Remember that the warmer the water is, the less oxygen there is, so you also will need a strong aerator.

The position

You should choose the position of where the marine aquarium light should be. The position of the light is very important. The best position for a bulb is in the front of the tank, but understand that this will cause algae growth and may inhibit your view into the tank. Unless of course you want to see how are your fish eat the salt water algae. Then you can install the light on the sides of the tank, or at the back of the aquarium. This position will not provide enough light for a good view, but the algae will not grow on the front glass and fish will have enough light too. It is a good compromise. The best position for the salt water aquarium light in a tank with salt water algae-eaters is above the salt water decoration and rocks, so the algae will grow on them. Especially if you have larger rocks in a reef style, where the largest stones are in the back and the smallest are in the front. In this case, you should probably mount the lighting directly above the rocks.



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